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We proudly use Alaska Grown and Certified Angus Beef products in our recipes whenever possible. Also be on the lookout for the plethora of gluten free options we have available.

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  • Lavelle's Dinner Menu

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      Enjoy your dinner with your family, friends, and loved ones.
  • - Lavelle's Prospects -

    • Shrimp Cocktail

      glutenfree_smallHalf a dozen cold-water shrimp served with an Asian wasabi cocktail sauce. $16.95
    • Baked Brie

      Brie Cheese topped with a cranberry sauce baked to perfection in flaky puff pastry dough. $18.95
    • Beer Battered Halibut

      From the icy depths, our halibut comes to you hot and crisp. Served on slewers with tartar sauce. $22.95 With French fries 24.95
    • Chili Rubbed Ahi

      glutenfree_smallSeared chili rubbed Yellow Fin Tuna served with a wasabi cream sauce and seaweed salad 16.95
    • Lavelle's Lobster Cakes

      Delicious Maine Lobster Cakes served over spring greens with a remoulade sauce. 16.95
    • Tempura Shrimp

      battered in a delicate tempura batter, and served with a wasabi cocktail sauce and avocado puree. $15.95
    • Honey Sriracha Shrimp

      glutenfree_smallCrispy pan fried shrimp in a honey-sriracha sauce. Served with jasmine rice. 15.95
    • Lavelle's Pizza 7"

      A wild combination of melted Gorgonzola cheese, fresh rosemary, slivers of sweet red onion and roasted pine nuts. 8.95
    • Marlo's Cheese Pizza 7"

      Some things you can’t improve! Tomato sauce topped with shredded mozzarella & cheddar cheese. 8.95 Add Pepperoni 9.50
    • Lavelle's Chicken Wings

      One Pound of meaty chicken wings served with your choice of sauce: ranch, blue cheese, BBQ or Lavelle’s Signature hot sauce. 16.95
    • King Crab & Artichoke Dip

      Words can’t describe this rich indulgence. Served warm with Parmesan cheese, sliced almonds and fresh pita chips. 16.95
    • Calamari

      This tender Lavelle’s appetizer is deep-fried and served with a lemon aioli—Superb! 11.95
    • Bourbon Street Shrimp

      Blackened Louisiana style shrimp sautéed in a brandy cream lobster sauce finished with cheese. 16.95
    • Salmon and Tomato Provençal

      glutenfree_smallTender chunks of Alaskan salmon sautéed with garlic and herbs in a white wine butter broth. Served with crusty old world bread. 19.95
    • Lavelle's Flat Bread

      Grilled flat bread topped with an herbed cream cheese and feta, roasted red and yellow peppers, artichokes and fresh spinach. 14.95
    • Lemon Scallops & Spinach

      glutenfree_smallPan seared Alaskan scallops served with fresh spinach and capers over a lemon beurre blanc. 19.95
    • Beef Tips

      angusbeef_smallSautéed beef tips with shallots and mushrooms in a rich demi glaze sauce. Served with crusty old world bread. 18.95
    • Mini Rack of Lamb

      A half rack served with a vibrant demi glaze, kiwi lime marmalade and mashed potatoes. 22.95
    • Chinese Potstickers

      A Café de Paris favorite. Minced pork and vegetables in a wonton wrapper, fried crisped and served with a sweet chili and a spiced soy sauce. 12.95
  • - Salads -

    • French Onion Soup

      Sweet onions are simmered in rich homemade stock then topped with crusty French bread and Gruyere cheese. 11.95
    • Classic Caesar

      akgrown_smallCrisp Romaine lettuce tossed with our herbed croutons, Parmesan cheese, and our fabulous Lavelle’s Caesar dressing. 15.95 W/grilled Chicken18.95 W/grilled shrimp20.95
    • Sesame Salad Teresa

      akgrown_smallA bed of field greens, with celery, green onions and toasted sliced almonds topped with a sweet sesame vinaigrette and deep fried wontons. W/grilled Chicken 16.95 W/pan fried Scallops 22.95
    • Lavelle's Salad

      glutenfree_smallakgrown_smallA bed of field greens, topped with gorgonzola cheese, caramelized walnuts, seasonal fruit and Lavelle’s house dressing. Large: 15.95 Small: 7.25
    • Grilled Shrimp Spinach Salad

      glutenfree_smallFresh plus fresher equals freshest! Spinach greens with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, bacon and almonds bathed in balsamic vinaigrette. Capped with grilled marinated black tiger prawns- this salad is incomparable. 19.95
    • Crispy Duck Salad

      glutenfree_smallakgrown_smallCrispy seared duck breast served over a bed of field greens with shaved red onion, grapes, chevre and pine nuts with house-made balsamic vinaigrette. 22.95
    • Warm Red Cabbage Salad

      glutenfree_smallSautéed red cabbage tossed with green onions, crisp bacon, caramelized walnuts, dried cranberries and chevre. 17.95
    • Black & Blue Salad

      glutenfree_smallakgrown_smallBlackened flat iron steak served over field greens with tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, almonds and green onions with our balsamic vinaigrette. 19.95
    • Warm Blue Cheese & Pear

      akgrown_smallGrilled chicken, a warm blue cheese medallion, toasted pecans and freshly sliced Granny Smith apple over fresh field greens with our maple syrup vinaigrette dressing make this combination incomparable! 18.95
  • - Lavelle's Discovery -

    • Rack of Lamb

      Pan Seared and then oven roasted, these chops are served with a vibrant demi glaze, kiwi lime marmalade, fresh sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes. 38.95
    • Oven Roasted Half Duck

      glutenfree_smallFinished with a Raspberry Glaze and Served with Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Sautéed Vegetables. 32.95
    • Potato-Crusted Salmon

      glutenfree_smallThis extraordinary way of cooking produces a moist and tender filet of salmon cooked inside a crust of potatoes. Served with a lemon beurre blanc. 30.95
    • Honey Apple Halibut

      glutenfree_smallPan Seared Alaskan Halibut topped with a honey-apple cream sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh sautéed vegetables. 36.95
    • Seasonal Vegetable Risotto

      glutenfree_smallDeliciously creamy risotto with seasonal harvest vegetables. Ask your server about preparing this entrée vegan or adding a protein to make it a little heartier. 20.95
    • Wild Caught Alaskan King Crab Legs

      glutenfree_smallNo other shellfish in the world projects a more elegant image on your plate! One hefty pound of crab legs served with baked potato and fresh sautéed vegetables. 49.95
    • Filet Mignon

      angusbeef_smallPan-seared to perfection, this tender entrée is served with a blue cheese-risotto pancake, a rich cabernet wine sauce and fresh sautéed vegetables. 36.95
    • Grilled N.Y. Steak

      Our Empire selection New York steak is served with caramelized shallots, sautéed mushrooms, fresh sautéed vegetables and a baked potato. 37.95
    • Grilled Flat Iron

      glutenfree_smallThis premium cut flat iron steak is grilled to perfection and topped with exotic herb chimichurri and cherry tomatoes. Served with Lavelle’s signature jasmine rice and fresh sautéed vegetables. 26.95
    • Lavelle's Chicken Champignon

      akgrown_smallCrispy skin breast of chicken topped with a medley of mushrooms, and a brandy cream sauce. Accompanied by long grain and wild rice and fresh sautéed vegetables. 29.95
    • Lollipop Pork Chop

      glutenfree_smallPan roasted bone-in pork chop finished with brie cheese and brandied cranberry sauce. Served with confit roasted potatoes and fresh sautéed vegetables. 29.95
    • Meatloaf

      akgrown_smallTwenty-five ingredients make this a good candidate for the best meat loaf you’ve ever had! Served with mashed potatoes and fresh sautéed vegetables. 21.95
    • Vegetarian Lesagna

      Fire-roasted tomatoes, spinach, fresh herbs, shaved Parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheese. 18.95
    • ADD: 8 Ounces of Wild Caught Alaskan King Crab Legs to any Entree

      No other shellfish in the world projects a more elegant image on your plate! 24.95
  • - Wine by the Glass Selections -

    • White Wines (Glass/Carafe/Bottle)

      The Bistro House Selections: Value wines from the Sommelier (7.25/10.25/28.00)
      Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot White Zinfandel
      Mer Soleil Chardonnay(11.75/17.75/46.00)
      Rodney Strong Calk Hill Chardonnay(8.95/12.95/34.00)
      Cambria Chardonnay Katherine's Vineyard(8.25/12.50/32.00)
      Sonoma Cuter Russian River Chardonnay(9.75/14.95/38.00)
      Joseph Drouhin Chardonnay La Foret(8.25/12.50/32.00)
      Mills Reef Reserve Sauvignon Blanc(7.95/11.95/30.00)
      Rodney Strong Charlotte's Home Sauvignon Blanc(7.50/11.25/29.00)
      Chateau St. Michelle Riesling(6.95/10.50/26.00)
      Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti(7.50/11.25/29.00)
      King Estates Pinot Gris(9.50/14.25/36.00)
      Kris Pinot Grigio(7.95/11.95/31.00)
      Chateau de Campuget Rose(7.50/11.25/28.00)
      Roederer Estate Brut Sparkling Wine(6.50/9.75/39.00)
      Kenwood Yulpa Brut Sparkling Wine(5.95/8.95/25.00)
      Mumm Blanc de Noir Brut Rose(7.95/11.95/39.00)
    • Red Wines

      The Bistro House Selections: Value wines from the Sommelier (7.25/10.25/28.00)
      Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot White Zinfandel
      The Captain's List of the Rossi Cellar is available from your server.
      Martini Cabernet Sauvignon Napa (11.25/16.50/45.00)
      J.Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon(8.25/12.50/32.00)
      Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon(10.95/16.25/42.00)
      Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon(7.95/11.95/31.00)
      Justin Cabernet Sauvignon(11.25/16.50/45.00)
      Franciscan Merlot(9.95/14.95/39.00)
      Sterling Merlot Napa(12.25/18.25/49.00)
      Canoe Ridge Merlot(9.50/14.25/36.00)
      Barons de Rothschild Bordeaux Special Reserve(9.50/14.25/36.00)
      Brazin Dry Creek Zinfandel(9.50/14.25/36.00)
      Penfolds Koonunga Hills Shiraz (7.95/11.95/31.00)
      Girard Petite Sirah (11.25/16.50/45.00)
      Owen Roe Ex Umbris Syrah(10.95/16.25/42.00)
      Artessa Pinot Noir (11.25/16.50/45.00)
      Hahn Pinot Noir SLH(10.95/16.25/42.00)
      Montinore Pinot Noir (9.50/14.25/36.00)
      Marietta Old Vine Red (7.95/11.95/31.00)
      J. Bookwalter Red Blend (11.25/16.50/45.00)
      Villa Pozzi Nero D'Avola Sicily (7.50/11.25/28.00)
      Allegrini Palazzo Red Blend(9.95/14.95/39.00)
      Betz Family Cuvée Frangin(12.25/18.25/49.00)
      Santa Ema Carmenere (7.50/11.25/28.00)
      Kaiken Malbec (8.25/12.50/32.00)
      Bodega Elena malbec (7.50/11.25/28.00)
      Campo Viejo Rioja Reserva Tempranillo (8.25/12.50/32.00)
    • Beers

      Domestic Beer
      Budweiser, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Lite 4.95
      Micro & Imported Beer
      Guiness 5.95 Corona 5.95 Heineken 5.95
      Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout 7.95 Deshuttes Mirror Pond Ale 5.95 Chimay 8.95
      Deshuttes Black Butte Porter 5.95 Lindeman's Framboise 10.95
      New Belguim Ranger IPA 22oz 8.95 Pike IPA 5.95 Widmer Omission IPA 5.95
      Hoffbrau Hefeweizen 5.95 Pyramid Hefeweizen 5.95
      Stella Artios 6.95
      Alaskan Micro Brew
      Alaskan Amber, Alaskan Seasonal Ale, Alaskan White, Alaskan APA, Silver Gulch Amber, Silver Gulch Lager, Silver Gulch Pilsner 5.95
      Midnight Sun Seasonal 22 oz 12.95
      Draft Beer: Ask Your Server
    • Others

      Imported N/A Beer 5.95 Sparkling Bottled Water 2.95 IBC Root Beer 2.95
      Coke, Diet Coke, & Sprite 2.95 Ice Tea, Lemonade, Coffee & Hot Tea 2.95
      Hot Cocoa & Spiced Apple Cider 2.95
      Chocolate Milk 4.95
      Red Bull or Sugar Free Red Bull 3.95
  • - Lavelle's Cocktail -

    • Mandarin Dream

      This Mixture of Absolut Mandarin Vodka and Chambord Liwueur will fo down so Smooth the Rough Edges of the Day will Disappear! 10.95
    • Absolut Citron Lemon Drop Martini

      This one drops the Lemon Bomb on the Martini World! 10.95
    • Lavelle's Seasonal Berry Cocktail

      Seasonal berries, fresh lemons and Pearl Red Berry Vodka. Shaken and strained over ice in a cocktail glass. Topped off with club soda. 8.50
    • Godiva Chocolate Martini

      A Belgian delight brought right to our front door! Stoli Vanilla Vodka with Creamy Godiva Belgian Chocolate Liquor finished with a splash of Cream. 11.95
    • X-rated Vacation

      Wanna get away? This mix of Tropical Fruit Flavors and X-rated Fusion Vodka will send you on the exotic vacation of your wildest dreams...or at least away from your house for a couple of hours! 11.95
    • Mango Breeze

      An Amazing Concoction of Malibu Mango Rum, Pineapple Juice and Blue Curacao Liquor seved on the rocks that will take you back to your last trip to tha beach! 8.50
    • Judy Kay

      Judy Kay will have you dreaming about her for weeks! Pearl Vodka with a light touch of St. Germaine Elderflower liquoeur and fresh grapefruit juice. Shaken over ice and served up. Topped off with chilled Prosecco Champagne! 10.95
    • Cucumber Kamikaze

      akgrown_smallRelax and unwind with this true refreshing delifht! Pearl Cucumber Vodka with muddled fresh cucmber, triple sec and fresh lime juice. Served with a cucmber slice. 10.95
    • Thai Martini *Bartenders Choice!*

      akgrown_smallWho knew bliss could descrive a martini, but bliss is exactly what this martini is! Premium Vodka, Key Lime Juice, Fresh Cilantro and Agave nectar served in a Cayenne-sugar rimmed glass. 10.95
    • Strawberry Ginger Swizzle

      Hendrick's Gin with French Ginger Liqueur and Strawberries served over ice with a squeeze of lime. This drink is one for the books! 10.95
    • Rum Runner

      This Fruity Explosion of Tropical Malibbu Rum, Blackberry Brandy and Meyer's Rum will make you stop off at Lavelle's before you cast off for the Dry Tortugas. 8.95
    • Lavelle's After Dinner Delight

      Dor those who can't decide between coffee or an after dinner drink! A delicious mix of Pearl Caramel Vodka, Kahlua, crean and coffee. Perfect finish to a great meal! 8.95
    • Lemon Basil Martini

      A perfect blend of Italian Limoncello & Tanguerey Rangpur Gin, Finished with fresh muddled basil & Lemon. 10.95
  • - Lavelle's Dessert -

    • Warm Fried Banana Wontons

      A Lavelle's original. Fresh bananas with roasted pecans and walnuts, seved with Meyer's Rum Creme Anglaise. 7.50
    • Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée

      “A sumptuous delight!” 7.95
    • Black Bottom Crème Brûllée

      "Cream & Chocolate ; The best of both worlds" 7.95
    • Double Chocolate Mousse Cake

      A frozen delight 7.50
    • Lavelle's Cheesecake

      New York Style Cheesecake served with Rspberry, Chocolate, or Caramel Sauce. 8.50
    • Warm Brownie Bundt

      Decadent Brownie Bundt served with College Town Creamery Vanilla Ice Cream - challenging you not to share. 8.95
    • George's Banana Bread Pudding

      Fresh Bananas and caramel sauce!!! Served warm. 7.50
    • Pedro Ice

      A Spanish Tradition! A serving of Pedro Ximenez Sherry beside a scoop of Fairbanks's own Hot Lick's Ice Cream. 9.95
    • College Town Creamery Vanilla Ice Cream

      Served with Raspberry, Chocolate, or Caramel Sauce. 6.50
    • Chocolate Kahlua Cake

      Layers of rich chocolate Kahlua Cake and Expresso ganache. 8.50
  • - Lavelle's Dessert Wines -

    • Merryvale Antiqua Dessert Wine

      Glass/Bottle (12.95/60)
    • Mondavi Moscato D’Oro 500ml

      Glass/Bottle (10.95/40)
    • Inniskillin Ice Wine Gold

      Glass/Bottle (24.95/75)
    • Inniskillin Ice Wine Pearl Vidal

      Glass/Bottle (24.95/75)
    • Inniskillin Ice Wine Silver Riesling

      Glass/Bottle (24.95/75)
    • Yalumba Late Harvest Botrytis Viognier

      Glass/Bottle (14.95/56)
    • Pedro Ximenez Gran Reserva

      Glass/Bottle (14.75/59)
  • - Lavelle's Ports -

    • Graham's 10 Year Twany Port (3 oz)

    • Graham's 20 Year Twany Port (3 oz)

    • Graham's 30 Year Twany Port (3 oz)

    • Graham's 40 Year Twany Port (3 oz)

    • 100 years of Port

      49.95(One 1.5 oz glass of 10 yr, 20yr, 30yr and 40yr Tawny)
    • Graham's 2000

    • Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage 2008

    • Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve

    • Warre’s Otima 10 Year Tawny Port

    • Ramos Pinto Ruby Reserva

    • Dow’s Fine Ruby

    • Dow’s Fine White

    • Dow’s Vintage Port 1994

    • Quinta do Vesuvio 2007